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Cardio v Weights

By Sandra 0

It’s one of the biggest questions in fitness – which is better, cardio or weights?

Cardio (or “cardiovascular training”) is an aerobic activity, running is probably the first cardio exercise that springs to mind, but cycling, swimming and fitness classes such as Zumba or step aerobics also count.

Weights (or “Strength training”) is an anaerobic activity and includes any activities that involve lifting weights.

The Benefits of Cardio

Cardiovascular exercise helps you get fitter, in terms of heart health and endurance. Cardio workouts are good for burning calories, especially during the workout itself, helping you to burn fat and lose weight.

The Benefits of Weights

Weight training still burns calories, but it’s really good for building muscle and for increasing lean muscle mass.
While a cardio workout will help you burn more calories during the workout, strength training will help you keep burning those calories after the workout has finished.
Lifting weights also helps strengthen your bones and your muscles, which can help prevent osteoporosis and reduce your risks of injuries and arthritis.

So which is Better? Cardio or Weights?

Why choose when you can do both? By combining cardio and weights you can get the best of both worlds – fat loss and muscle gain. Book an appointment with a Qualified Personal Trainer who will provide you with a training plan that’s tailored just for you. A tailored training plan will take into account your goals and your personal preferences and it will include cardio or weight training, or a combination of both, that’s suitable just for you.

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